Film & VFX

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We offer a full cycle of development and visual creation for your project, from concepts for pitching, initial readings, and budget formation for VFX to delivering final high-res graphics for color correction.

What are we doing?

We will choose the most effective technology for your project, for example, where necessary we will apply matte paint and optimize the budget.

In the initial stages of launching your project, we draw storyboards, create artworks and concepts, develop pre-visualizations, and select references. We will enhance your project with CG landscapes (set extension), virtual backgrounds, and fill the scene with FX effects (fire and smoke, particles, and magic; inventing worlds and characters within them). We also have excellent experience in developing CG characters from concept on paper to their animation and integration into the frame.

Thanks to our international experience (from China in the East to Hollywood blockbusters in the West), we create content according to the highest industry standards.